Well, I'm here and really happy to be with you, my dears! I'm a fashion-starter and would be deeply appreciated for your attention to my posts and comments. I will try to write about different interesting things in fashion world and also will be happy to discuss it with all of you! So, lets's start to be in trend all together!

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MATSOURI Collection

The real "Lady-Style"... Romantic, fine and womanly... http://www.matsouri.de/

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Fashion... What does this word mean? In my point of view, Fashion - is a lifestyle, the way of thinking and self-expression. As of today almost all the people are pressing towards originality and uniqueness and the problem is not to overdo it. Fashion is a combination of self-expression and harmony. Epatage is very popular as of today, but shocking epatage is doubly popular. In my opinion, it's a wrong way and interpretation of fashion. Fashion - is a harmony of outfit and inner life. Fashion - is a feeling of self-confidence and happiness with yourself. "I'm in trend" - means "I live in harmony and follow my own style, which is not shocking the other people, but inspiring them for new discoveries"...

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